poniedziałek, 23 maja 2016

My little mountain adventure

Today I would like to show you photos from my little journey to Austria where I was a few months ago with my fiancé. This post contains a lot of photos, because I think that these views are unearthly. I really love the mountains and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to go there. Unfortunately, photos don’t reflect this beauty which is visible live. Photos present mountains of course, but also a phenomenal fog which resembles clouds, the view from the hotel as well and houses. I had to add that this an ideal place for a rest, you can only sit and admire views which take your breath away. Moreover, it is very peaceful. I assure that in Amerlügen you will sleep like a baby. You can also admire houses of inhabitants which are well-kept. You can met a lot of animals like goats and breathe clean and fresh air.

sobota, 21 maja 2016

The situation of Polish women

In Poland women obtained the right to vote in 1918 after regaining sovereignty.
Women have always wanted to have the same rights as men, it is obvious, because they are equal to men.
But there are still the country in which women don’t have the right as Brunei (it is located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia) and Lebanon (Liban), in which the right of women to vote is limited, women must be educated in order to can vote. This right doesn’t concern men who can vote irrespective of their education (source: Wikipedia).
Now, in Poland, women, especially feminists want to fight for the right to abortion. They want to decide themselves about their procreation. In my humble opinion, fetus is a child since the conception and I think that one should act sensibly and be responsible for their actions. But I understand that it depends of different aspects such as religion, beliefs or life situation.
Moreover, women want to earn as much as men especially that they work often in the same position as men.
Women want to have more maternity leave because they know that a child needs mommy not a nanny. 
Women are afraid of being pregnant because they don’t want to lose their job. It happens when a boss finds out that his worker is pregnant, he doesn’t want to pay tax or the others fees when she doesn’t work.
Furthermore, women are often discriminated against because men believe that they are weaker, stupid or in general worse than men. It’s unacceptable, but unfortunately there are men who think like that. They believe as well that women should stay at home, cook, be in labour, take care of children, clean and serve their husband, etc. However, there are women who think the same too. They think that they must be subjugated to their husbands. I think that when a woman wants to be at home, and her husband earns, it’s good, but each of them must respect and help each other. Without it, there will be nothing. 

wtorek, 10 maja 2016


Today, I have read an article in The New York Times entitled Dehydration: Risks and Myths (source:http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/05/09/dehydration-risks-and-myths/?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fhealth&_r=0) . At the beginning the auteur presents his own story wherein he describes his one day in which he drank little but his day was very active and the next day, he felt very bad.
Next, we read that we should drink especially the water, but coffee or tea and the others drinks of course without sugar can be. Interestingly, the body need’s for water depend on circumstances, that is mean if we exercise and it is hot, we should drink more than usually, because water evaporates from us and we lose it when we sweat. Unfortunately, a lot of people chose drinks with sugar and the others additives which are not good for our health and are too many calories.
Water is the single most important substance we consume. You can survive for about two months without food, but without water you will die within about seven days. Water makes up about 75 percent of an infant’s weight and 55 percent of an older person’s weight. Moreover, human cells simply don’t function without water. For example, the kidneys need water to work properly, that is mean, to detoxify the body. Thirst is one of the signs that we are going to dehydrate. When we drink sufficient amount of water, our skin is more moisturized and it looks better. But Barry M. Popkin, a professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said that we don’t truly understand how hydration affects our health, but it is sure that dehydration is dangerous.
The Institute of Medicine stated that adequate amount of water amounts to about three cups a day for newborns to 16 cups for lactating women. Furthermore, the institute stated that all kinds of liquids can contribute to a person’s total water needs, as tea, coffee, juices, as well as the moisture contained in foods like fruits, vegetables and soups.
In the one hand, extra hydration that is overdone, is really dangerous. When we drink more than we should, our cells would swell and electrolytes level would lower. But in the other hand, the lack of water, can cause extreme fatigue and headache. For instance, older people are in danger because their mechanism of thirst becomes less effective with age. They don’t want to drink, because they don’t want to go often to toilet.
But we really need water, too much is bad, but too little is bad. So we should keep restrain.